2019-20 best rookies to collect cards of

The year 2019 for NBA has been very promising especially when it comes to newcomers such as Zion Williamson who performed exceptionally well in his games and has already become a fan favorite for people who want to collect rookie cards. Collectors can also look forward to cards of newcomers like Ja Morant, Rui Hachimura and many more whose name has already become popular among the fans, it is safe to say the class of 19-2020 has much potential.

Below are some of the rookies that you need to be on the lookout for:

Zion Williamson

Clearly the greatest name in the item, Zion Williamson follows Luka Doncic from a year ago as the top new kid on the block (for the present) in Prizm. With his ungraded silver prizm RC's getting over $500 out of the door, we haven't seen costs like that upon a Prizm discharge since Ben Simmons in the 16-17 Prizm set. Williamson is a 6'6″ 285lb generational competitor who upheld up the publicity in his one year at Duke, posting 22 focuses per game on 68% field objective rate. He's relied upon to make his NBA debut in mid of 2020.

Ja Morant

The obvious second best player in NBA Prizm simply happens to likewise be the number two all-together and large pick of the 2019 NBA Draft. Ja Morant has just changed delightfully to the NBA level, averaging around 18 focuses and six helps for each game through the Memphis Grizzlies initial 17 games as of this composition. He'll have a decent head start for NBA Rookie of the Year over Zion and the remainder of the field on the off chance that he can proceed with that creation. With his Silver prizms previously doing $200+, there is no mystery regarding the ability Morant has.

Rui Hachimura

This Gonzaga Bulldogs champion can possibly be a global NBA star on account of his heavenly play just as his Japanese legacy. All Rui Hachimura has done since showing up in the NBA is give genuinely necessary steadiness to the Washington Wizards front court. With an announcement twofold in his NBA presentation and his proceeded with movement, Rui has resembled the most NBA prepared player out of the 2019 Draft up until this point. $100 seems, by all accounts, to be the ground floor for his silver prizm RC's at present.

Coby White

The seventh by and large pick in the draft by the Chicago Bulls is as of now a record setter, hitting SEVEN three pointers in a solitary quarter against the New York Knicks on November twelfth. That accomplishment promptly raised Coby White's stock as a long range danger. White has nothing to demonstrate with regards to scoring, yet enhancements playing off the ball will assist White with developing into a dreaded watchman the Bulls urgently need.

Some note able mentions are:

DE’Andre Hunter
Tyler Hero
Eric Paschall
Pj Washington
Cam Reddish
Kendrick Nun