Lebron or Michael rookies?

Kevin Durant is one of the mainstream players and a fan favorite for some basketball fanatics. A whiz with the Golden State Warriors, Durant is ready to take his freshman qualities higher than ever on account of his title achievement. Solidly building up himself among the interest tip top, Kevin Durant rookie cards will move considerably higher in the event that he can string together a couple of more titles.

Beginning with his initial days in Seattle for the Super Sonics, Kevin Durant’s rookie cards have been widely gathered. He was the face of the Oklahoma City Thunder but saw a few losing seasons from which he learned and grew as a professional player. In spite of the fact that he was encompassed by ability in Oklahoma City thunder, including Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant chose to collaborate with the Warriors, and Steph Curry, for to take a superior shot at the title.

Presently he is one of the few eminent NBA players that are elite to Panini items, but this was not the situation during Durant’s greenhorn season in 2007-08. In this way, there are more than 30 Kevin Durant rookie cards over a few brands and value ranges for basketball fanatics to seek after, with the extremely top determinations archived underneath.

The accompanying Kevin Durant tenderfoot cards incorporate the absolute best choices accessible and all the primary marked rookie cards. Despite plan inclination, collectors ought to have the option to discover a few that would fit pleasantly in their assortments. Be that as it may, these cards remain over the rest and a couple can get extremely, expensive.

2007-2008 Upper Deck Kevin Durant RC #234 SP

This bellwether UD Kevin Durant rookie card is a key decision for fans on a tight spending plan. Highlighting a draft day picture of Durant, the strong design is harmed marginally by the jumbled content at the base of the card. Since a few of the prominent youngster players were incorporated as short prints, Durant among them, this relative irregularity helps keep the qualities a shade higher

2007-2008 Finest Kevin Durant RC #71

With regards to finest b-ball, there is once in a while anything unobtrusive about structure. This convention proceeds with 2007-08 Finest Basketball. On the off chance that the brilliant red unmistakably highlighted in the base card sometimes falls short for your preferences, a few Refractor matches are accessible that swap the hues. These incorporate base Refractors, alongside the Silver (#/319) Blue (#/199), Green (#/149), Black (#/75), Gold (#/25) and X-Fractor (#/15) versions.

2007-2008 Fleer Hot Prospects Kevin Durant RC #123 Autograph Patch #/399

Despite the fact that its spot on the rundown experiences the higher print run and sticker signature, the Hot Prospects new kid on the block for Durant is as yet a strong looking card. The other side to this, obviously, is these RAP cards are all the more promptly accessible and costs are progressively sensible. Red (#/25) and Blue (#/10) matches cut the irregularity route down.

Some notable mentions are as follows,

2007-2008 Exquisite Collection Kevin Durant RC #94 Autograph Jersey #/99
2007-2008 UD Black Kevin Durant RC #106 Autograph Jersey #/99
2007-2008 SP Authentic Kevin Durant RC #152 Autograph Patch #/299
2007-2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Kevin Durant RC #115 Autograph #/150