Best places to sell your cards

There are many place where you can easily sell your cards for a good price but it mainly depends on what type of card you are selling, what is your target market and do you even know what your card is really worth, if you didn’t well the world isn’t kind enough to spare you.

Ebay is the main target place you should look to sell but they may charge some seller fee depending on their policies, Facebook groups are also good place to give an ad if you don’t want to pay sellers fees like on ebay, pawn shops antique shop and sports memorabilia shops are also a good place to start but be sure to keep in mind the real worth of your item so you don’t get ripped off.

Best Places

Keep in mind before going to your local neighborhood stores that they are a low budget store and can’t afford to pay much money for a good card so try to stay clear of them if your card is worth some money.